Songs for Christchurch

This project has now finished. Around $10,000 was raised and donated to a range of charities in Christchurch.

NEWS: Songs for Christchurch Debuted at No.2 on the New Zealand Music charts!

In the weeks after 22 Feb 2011, a collective of people from Melbourne, San Francisco, Christchurch and Wellington formed to create this fundraising album called Songs for Christchurch. It is a music compilation album made up of the songs donated by twenty-one local and global artists including Grammy-award winners Imogen Heap and Flight of the Conchords. It was released internationally on the 2nd anniversary of the February earthquake – 22 Feb 2013.

All royalties from the sale of the album are going to community projects rebuilding Christchurch through the organisations:

  • Gap Filler
  • Festival of Transitional Architecture
  • Architecture For Humanity
  • Live in Vacant Spaces.

The project has three goals:

  • to raise as much money as possible for the projects in Christchurch
  • to promote Christchurch and New Zealand artists to overseas audiences
  • to put on a free live show of great music for people in Christchurch (which took place on the 24th of Feb between 12-6pm in the Re:start Mall).

Thanks to: Munki Sound, RDU, Native Tongue, Freerange Cooperative Ltd, Christchurch City Council, Loop, the charities, all the musicians, the pledgers, the designers, and the many people who have lent a caring hand to this project.
This project is dedicated and devoted to the people of Christchurch.


Five Star Review by Mike Alexander

“It’s a pity fundraising efforts for post-earthquake Christchurch are still an ongoing necessity.

Insurance companies and the ECQ could learn a lot about goodwill and integrity from musicians who are nowadays often the go-to people when there is a desperate need to raise awareness and money for a worthy cause.

It would be unfair to single out highlights from the 21 tracks on Songs For Christchurch because all of these artists including Tim Finn, Greg Johnson, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Imogen Heap, Flight Of The Conchords, The Unfaithful Ways and LA Mitchell, deserve credit not just for being a part of proceedings but because they’ve been sincere about it.

Often, on these sorts of endeavours, you get a few flag-bearing ”names” and their hand-me-downs but you can feel that what was contributed was a very real and meaningful part of the artist involved.

Whoever did the track-listing and song selection also deserves a big thumbs up. There is one guarantee. The money you spend on Songs For Christchurch has a better return than an insurance policy.”

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