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You can buy a high quality digital copy here: Songs for Christchurch Digital

In the weeks after Feb 22nd 2011 a collective of people from Melbourne, San Francisco, Christchurch and Wellington formed to create a fundraising album called Songs for Christchurch. It is a music compilation album donated by twenty-one local and global artists including Grammy-award winners Imogen Heap and Flights of the Conchords. It will be internationally released in early 2013.

All royalties from the sale of the album are going to community projects rebuilding Christchurch through the organisations: Gap Filler, Festival of Transitional Architecture, Architecture For Humanity, and Live in Vacant Spaces. The project has twin goals of raising money for the projects in Christchurch, and promoting Christchurch and New Zealand Artists to overseas audiences.

The artists on the album are: Flight of the Conchords | Dear Frontier | Imogen Heap | Tim Finn | The Blackseeds | Fat Freddys Drop | The Nudge | Spartacus R | Greg Johnson | Giles McNeill | The Yoots | Electric Wire Hustle | Mara TK | Delaney Davidson | The Unfaithful Ways | Jessie James and the Outlaws | LA Mitchell | A Horibuzz | The Eastern | Ladi6


***** (five stars)

“Whoever did the track-listing and song selection also deserves a big thumbs up. There is one guarantee. The money you spend on Songs For Christchurch has a better return than an insurance policy.” 


“There are  some great songs on this album. So buy it and support the cause.”






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