Pre-order Shifting Foundations: Post-quake architecture of ?tautahi Christchurch


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Shifting Foundations: Post-quake architecture of ?tautahi Christchurch
Hardcover, full colour illustrations throughout

Set to land end of January. Pre-order your copy!

Foreword Bernadette Muir
Featuring essays by Matthew Webby, Dr Jessica Halliday, Charlotte Hoare, Debbie Tikao & Huia Reriti, Yuqi Kong, Jasper van der Lingen, Daniel Crooks, Colin Corsbie & Fritha Powell

Following the 2010-11 earthquakes and their aftermath, Christchurch’s built fabric was irrevocably changed and the history of its architecture disrupted. Familiar landmarks vanished, whole swathes of the city were red-zoned, heritage buildings were demolished and a sense of dislocation prevailed. The ongoing rebuild of the city was to follow.

This book documents the architecture that arose from this time – from schools, libraries and commercial buildings to public realm design. With eight essays narrating the post-quake progression from immediate response through to the subsequent architectural contributions, and 80 concise catalogue entries sharing the story of select buildings and their role in the rebuild, we explore what our architecture can tell us about ourselves and the place we live in. Richly illustrated throughout, Shifting Foundations captures the journey towards a more meaningful melding of people and place, enabled by architecture.

With thanks to Te K?hui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects, whose support enabled the making of this book.



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