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This is the second volume in the Radical Futures series, which is focused on future challenges that affect us all. Freerange Press wishes to acknowledge the support of AUT, without which this publication would not have been possible.

What do we know? And how do we know it? These are essential questions to consider when a functioning democracy is reliant on an informed populace. Yet at this moment in the information age something has gone awry with our public knowledge. Are we cultivating an environment for the sharing of ideas? Who has access to the institutions and practices that hold our collective knowledge? Do we know when to act and when to delegate to experts? Is our education, in the broader sense of the term, sufficient for us to meaningfully participate in public life?

From archives and m?tauranga M?ori to formal education models and knowledge types that inspire action, this multi-author book explores the state of our public knowledge, its potential and how it affects our public life and conversations. With the need to find responsive solutions to the challenges facing us, the health of our public knowledge matters to us all.

Barnaby Bennett (designer)

Golriz Ghahraman (Member of Parliament)

Gwynn Compton (public relations)

Hannah Benbow (cartoon librarian)

Jared Davidson (archivist & historian)

Joseph Hullen (Ng?i T??huriri/Ng?ti Hinematua)

Lana Lopesi (editor)

Marianne Elliott (researcher & advocate)

Michael Macaulay (Victoria University)

Morgan Godfery (writer & trade unionist)

Nicola Gaston (University of Auckland)

Ruth Boyask (Auckland University of Technology)

Sacha McMeeking (researcher & commentator)

Sally Blundell (journalist)

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