Freerange Vol. 9: The Wet Issue


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Sensuous and fluid yet powerful, raging and unforgiving – from Styx to bottled water, from great lake to babbling brook, from poetic vessel to trade route, water exists in a myriad of states and is characterised by its many forms and expressions, its imaginative potential and raw impact upon life on earth.

From pirates, maritime tales and water-matopeia through to philosophical musings, mysterious suburban pool scenes and post-colonial artworks depicting post-climate change futures, this issue pays tribute to the most abundant substance on earth.


Splish splash by Jesse Newman

From Queg by D.S. Long

Objects as water in our world of theatre making by Ashley Holwell with Katy Maudlin & Laurel Devenie

Time trickles like water through our negligent hands by Lisa Bryan-Brown

The continents by Lydia Chai

Son net by Gary Langford

International waters by Nick Sargent

Elaine Carlisle, Apartment C, 12 July 1994 by Fitts & Holderness

Clepsydra by Dale Fincham

Museum of Water by Rozzy Middleton

We live quietly by Christine McFetridge

Architecture in a city of taps by Marika Neustupny

Water and the common good by Joseph Cederwall

Liquid information by Worthy Water Team

The Freeranger of the issue is Sultan Iltutmish and the Cheap ‘n’ Choice Award goes to the WaterWheel!


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