Freerange Vol. 8: Humanimal 3.0


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Edited by Andrea Rassell
Designed by Meeri Anneli
You can download a copy at
Humanimal 3.0 was created by a collection of individuals in manifold interfaces with their machines.
This issue is dedicated to the exploration of the nexus between animals, humans and robots. An imagined ethical lineage, from animal to human to robot, is an umbrella for placing before you an offering of the creative reflections, debates, poetry and art that likeminded individuals are using to explore these themes. A raft of ethical, scientific and creative conundrums are opened up that disrupt our whole and real understanding of ourselves as individual organisms. 
These problems must not be left solely for futurologists and philosophers to muse over, but, being the blueprints for future human organisms (and therefore also for future societies and cultures), must be the notional playthings of us all, for we are humanimal-kind. We hope this issue inspires you to augment yourself intellectually, and to be an engaged contributor to the future of human-robot-animal kind.


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