Freerange Vol.7: The Commons


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Freerange Vol.7 is edited by Jessie Moss, Joseph Cederwall and advised by Tim Gregory.

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This edition explores the issue of The Commons from many different angles, perspectives, disciplines and media. The concept of the commons has particular relevance in light of the multiple crises we face for the environmental, financial and social future of our planet. This edition is an exploration of how the commons are actually being utilised and engaged by communities in reality in today’s transforming society . It is a celebration and exploration of this transformative vision as applied in practice all around us with special attention on workable commons models both past and future.

Freerange Vol.7 features in-depth research into the areas of intellectual property rights, our food system and the re-claiming of cultural space through digital mapping. Some personal insights are offered into the commons perspective of  post-earthquake Christchurch and early childhood education. This edition also includes discussions of urban public space, the emerging peer to peer economy and participatory decision making alongside more artistic treatments of the theme of the commons through poetry and imagery.

Freerange 7 features the following pieces:

The commons as a transformative vision by DAVID BOLLIER & SILKE HELFRICH

Of we within margins: A performance of edge by HANNAH HOPEWELL

How to escape the inferno  by LELAND MASCHMEYER

Reclaiming the urban commons by JOHN ALLAN

Drug wars: the battle for the commons in global pharmaceuticals by THOMAS OWEN

Putting Maori society, history and culture on the map by O. RIPEKA MERCIER

An interview with Anne Salmond by JOSEPH CEDERWALL

Cheap and Choice Award – Creative Commons

The commons infographic chart

Popular food activism and commons possibilities by ANDREA BROWER

Early childhood education commons: A New Zealand reality? by JESSIE MOSS

Christiania: Reclaiming the right to the city by JOESEPH CEDERWALL

12 Essays on the commons edited BY LELAND MASCHMEYER

The commons that can’t be named | The Christchurch that can be named by BARNABY BENNETT

A case for the commons by WILLIAM SHANNON

Freeranger of the edition – Elinor Ostram by JOSEPH CEDERWALL


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