Media Coverage

Death and Dying in New Zealand

‘Death and Dying in New Zealand swings open those doors. It includes essays on tangi, funeral poverty, cemetery architecture, the workaday world of a coroner and the tryl, madly, deeply successful funeral-home series The Casketeers’. Sally Blundell, ‘Pushing up Daisies’, Listener (2-8 March 2019).

‘Like all collections, some articles are more readable than others, but for the most part this is at once a useful and thought-provoking book…..Death and Dying in New Zealand is part of a new series called Radical Futures, and at a slim 159 pages is much more accessible — a welcome direction for a press that does important work.’ Alison McCulloch, ‘Six Feet Under – Maybe Less‘, Scoop (2 October 2018).

Kai and Culture: Food Stories from Aotearoa

‘…an intriguing volume of pieces from a heterogenous range of writers with a distinctly bicultural flavour. What at first appears to be a veritable smorgasboard of pieces turns out to be a carefully crafted menu … From Mark Revington’s piece on Ngai Tahu sovereignty to Henry Hargreaves’ whimsical food-map photography to an egg fritter recipe from the Values Party (!) cookbook, there is much food for thought here.’ North & South review

Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand

‘Most useful of all, then, is that Freerange Press’s work here has been to set out borders of a map we can all use. There are dragons and fearful shoals everywhere where we could be too credulous, too cynical, too much or too little – there are also co-navigators, and a moral compass, and hope. If you’re feeling short on any of those, this is worth your time and money.’ Joe Nunweek, Pantograph Punch

Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch

‘Clear, and compassionate, this collection illuminates the problems and opportunities that flowed from Christchurch after the quakes, and interrogates the manmade disaster that followed. Everyone should read this book.’ Gaylene Preston