Keep Our Town Hall

The Christchurch Town Hall was opened in 1972, and is now widely regarded as both one of the finest acoustic performance spaces in the world, and one of the few New Zealand buildings of international importance.   Like much of Christchurch, the building was damaged in the Feb 2011 earthquake and has been closed since then.  The Christchurch City Council is currently reviewing the damage to the building, and its place within the new city plan.

A group in Christchurch led by: Architects Sir Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney, Architectural Historians Ian Lochhead and Dr. Jessica Halliday, Duncan Craig, and myself, Barnaby, have been meeting to discuss the future of the town hall.   This group is deeply concerned that the Council will choose to demolish part or all of this important piece of Christchurch’s history and living culture.

We are gathering letters of support at the moment for the retention of the Town Hall which we will pass on to the Mayor and Council. We are also building a register of names in support if you would rather not write a full letter.  If you wish to contribute in either way please contact us at the address below.

Please email:

A letter from the group explaining the situation can be downloaded here: [Download not found]

Some of the Councils engineering reports on the Town Hall can be viewed here:  (we aren’t sure if these are the most up to date.)





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