Freerange Press also runs Harvest – its academic imprint dedicated to examining the social and political life of architecture and contemporary cities. It offers a new academic focus and an infrastructure for an engaged community of researchers and writers to pursue independent, insightful and effective publishing.

We are excited to work with fresh, high quality scholarship and new ways of achieving the publication of this. Harvest provides collaborative tools and a network of like-minded people with a range of publishing and design skills to ensure that an author’s work is the best that it can be.

Some of Harvest’s bold publishing projects include A Transitional Imaginary, which was written collaboratively in a ‘book sprint’ over the course of five days and juxtaposes and interweaves its authors’ perspectives on the effects of the devastating series of earthquakes that began in 2010; Congress, which critically reflects on the history of radical student-led architecture conferences in Australasia; and Research Drawing, a volume that will explore the educational and knowledge-building potential of drawing as a research activity.

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Harvest supports accessible publishing. This includes print, digital and other media formats, Creative Commons licensing, and affordable products and services (from editing through to distribution). These tactics reflect our dedication to an informed, motivated and cooperative community of readers and allow the authors to choose a framework that best suits their purpose – dependent upon the type of publication and degree of expertise required.

Please get in contact with us if you have: an academic publishing project and are looking for a platform, an idea or skill you may wish to contribute to Harvest as a cooperative member, or a need to use some of the specific skills offered by our cooperative members.

We are happy to discuss proposals at all stages of development, including conception, ongoing or relatively complete projects that are seeking publication.

In the first instance a one-page written proposal (or similarly concise media format) is ideal to get the ball rolling.

Please contact Emma or Byron for more information.

Byron@projectfreerange.com (Australia contact)

Emma@projectfreerange.com (New Zealand contact)



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