Freerange Vol.5: Dangerous and Wrong

The topic of Freerange Vol 5 is Dangerous & Wrong! – a phrase lifted from the angry rant of passionate moralists, concerned parents, confused bureaucrats, environmentalists, anti-drugs campaigners, presidents and other generally authoritative and, in some instances, well intentioned souls. Its emotive double negativity strikes beyond reason to a land of certainty. The journal brings some of our favourite contributors and some newer voices together in a varyingly tight and extra loose thematic exploration. And whilst our friends appear too thoughtful to say or do anything truly dangerous & wrong they have plenty of interesting things to say about folly, controversy, danger, death, and sex in the afterlife.



  • Nimita Arora ‘Counting the Years’
  • Byron Kinnaird ‘I Am Many’ Ingo Kumic ‘Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity’
  • Mark Leong ‘Spatial Perspectives on the Dead Heart of Australia’
  • Martin Lewin ‘Fighting for the Monster’
  • Johnny Manzana ‘Penis Envy’
  • Gerald Melling ‘Citizen Pain Redux’
  • Emre Ozyetis ‘Death of the Architect’
  • Andrea Rassell ‘End of death: a portrait of Aubrey de Grey’
  • Caleb Smith ‘The Funeral Service’
  • Zana Wright ‘Leaders of the Blind’