Youtopia: A Passion for the Dark

Youtopia A Passion for the Dark celebrates architecture at the intersection of Digital Processes and Theatrical Performance. ‘Youtopia’ pursues dreams: of other spaces and times; of outrageous and fascinating experiences; of the glamour and lights of the Sydney Festival. The book reviews design conversations between architectural practice, architectural theory, audio and acoustics, digital fabrication, interaction and mediation, structural engineering, theatre and performance studies, and cultural research. It parallels an exhibition that showcases ephemeral and captivating interactive landscapes, theatre installations, iconographic architectural objects, heterotopias and performative spaces. These speculative projects are developed by advanced design processes in 3D modelling and scripting environments, and by the production of prototypes through structural analysis and digital fabrication.

Youtopia: A Passion for the Dark.

Edited by Dagmar Reinhardt, with interviews and essays by Dirk Anderson, Eduardo Barata, Joseph Buch, Densil Cabrera, Bill Harris, Lindy Hume, Alexander Jung, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, William L Martens, Luis Miranda, Patrick Nolan, Harry Partridge, Dagmar Reinhardt, Chris L Smith, Michael Scott-Mitchell, and Simon Weir.

Featuring projects by Tiffany Allan, Iain Blampied, Renee Blyth, Sean Bryen, Joseph Byrne, Kayla Browne, Katherine Chen, Alice Chirulescu, Jiyoung Choi, Jonathan Combley, Rachel Couper, Elizabeth Dalton, Robert Elcome, Benjamin Elphinstone, Andrew Fong, Sang Gao, Evan Gilchrist, Phoebe Goodwin, Lucian Gormley, Joanne Gray, Alexandra Haage, Cameron Halls, Nina Heude, Oliver Hessian, Keiko Hosado, Adam Higginbotham, Mark Hill, See Ming Ho, Georgia Jarrett, Na Jijang, Aya Kaneko, Mi Ran Kim, Ivana Kuzmanovska, Belinda Lee, Roger Lee, Carly Ann Martin, Xina Meng , Natalie Miles, William Miller, Sun Mingze, Wipawee Nitivoranant, Jessica Ngan, Monica Dolve, Ellen Rosengren-Fowler, Raffaello Rosselli, Yon Safmat, Kim Saggers, Andrew Short, Danny Sit, Chun Sukh, Siyue Sun, Benedict Torrefranca, Andrew Whiteman, Xu Kai Wu, Cuiting Zhang, and Yilun Zhang.