Freerange Little Prints

Freerange Press makes children’s books under the imprint Freerange Little Prints.

Our first Little Print, Chickens in the Hen House, written by Wendy Kissel and illustrated by Kelly Spencer, combines a fun and catchy chant with chickens, eggs and a distinctly New Zealand backyard setting. Through rhythm, rhyhme and bold, striking illustrations, this book engages children in basic counting and encourages a shared reading experience with elements of discovery and exploration.

(We are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions).

We are always looking for original, imaginative and interesting children’s books, based around our journal topics, which explore themes responding to life for an urbanized humanity (the city, politics, design, art, pirates). We want to make books that both kids and adults love, that encourage a shared reading experience, as well as exploration and discovery.

We are looking for a combination of great language and illustrations/visual material in the following categories:

  • Non-fiction (all ages – up to 12 years)
  • Picture books, from simple (think 3-7 years old) to relatively complex (6-9 years)

We want to hear your thoughts, imaginings and artistic expressions on how to interpret our journal themes for kids. These publications have canvassed a myriad of ideas, from the big to the silly, from the city and the self through to tricksters, gardens and humanimals. Read more here

We welcome those who wish to collaborate on a book as an illustrator or writer, and we are happy to discuss proposals at all stages of development, including conception, ongoing or relatively complete projects that are seeking publication. They just need to fit our focus.

Some things to think about to get you started:
A book of tricksters; an urban pirate’s treasure hunt; a compendium of creatures real and imaginary; a no-words book with a strong story told through illustrations; a book of cities or homes that involves exploration through detailed illustrations on the page; a book that explains how a city works; a book exploring different NZ towns and ways of living; a collection of super short tales touching on these ideas tangentially….

If you are submitting a finished manuscript, please note that it should include some of the following:
A strong framing narrative, myth or story
A twist or perspective shift
Catchy characters
A sense of exploration
A sense of the extraordinary
Rhythm and rhyme
A strong sense of place
A message

In any case, please send a one page proposal that includes why your idea/book fits the theme, what its purpose is and likely readership. If you are an illustrator, please send samples. If applicable, please send your manuscript with an accurate word count.

Please contact Emma for more information:
(Always keep a copy of your work.)