Freerange Vol.6: The Untitled Issue

The Untitled Issue began with the idea that the Freerange Journal could work without any words. It seemed auspicious that we were half way through our run of twelve issues, so we banned what was most precious to us – those beautiful things, words.

Freerange wondered what it might look like if our hands were off the keyboard and let a crowded portrait speak for itself. We thought it might be like holding up a mirror, but it’s more like pulling back the curtains.

 The Untitled Issue collects 23 strange, beautiful and quiet glimpses shared from 20 locations around the world. We hope you enjoy the view.

Edited by Byron Kinnaird


  • Barnaby Bennett
  • Sean Bollinger
  • Alain Bruner
  • Alexandra Clark
  • Brooke Gibson
  • Rose Hyland
  • Byron Kinnaird
  • Nils Koenning
  • Joseph Larkings
  • Kerry Lennon
  • Bridget Lensen
  • Cathy Marshall
  • Scott McKenzie
  • Matthias Nuemann
  • Douglas E Pope
  • Katherine Roberts
  • Geordie Shaw
  • David Smiley
  • Ross T Smith
  • Mark Taylor
  • J. E. Schell Waite
  • Damien Yip