Freerange Vol.12: Everything is temporary

Everything that we’ve ever created, observed, protected and loved will end,  even the greatest empire, particle, poem, love, has an ending. At least that is the proposition.

Climate change, the ephemerality of the internet, rapid cultural shifts, global extinction. Now, more than ever, we are increasingly aware of the precarious nature of ourselves and the worlds around us. This final issue of the Freerange journal is a meditation on temporariness, on the essential ephemerality of everything.

We invite authors from all disciplines, backgrounds and interests to consider this though in relation to the things they care about and know. This might lead to articles about the temporary character of particular types of things, or in the way that things transform and mutate into new things. A study of beginnings and endings.

We welcome non-fiction, fiction, illustrations, collages, drawings, photography, poetry and any other ideas people might have.

Possible ideas:

  • The temporariness of the universe – living in a bubble
  • The impossibility of leaving planet earth and the inevitable death of humanity
  • All archives are temporary
  • The ever-shifting dynamic of language and culture
  • The ways in which cultures and religions renew themselves
  • The dissolution of consciousness – sleeping and dying
  • Unstable ecologies and the necessity for death and extinction
  • The temporary essence of good jokes
  • The ephemerality of love or is love the exception
  • The rise and fall of activist groups and popular movements

We invite expressions of interest to be by Jan 30 2019. 300 words to