Freerange Vol.12: Everything is temporary

Now, perhaps more than ever, we are aware of the precarious nature of ourselves and the worlds around us. The final issue of the Freerange journal captures this moment. It’s a meditation on temporariness, on the essential ephemerality of life and the stuff around it.

Everything that we’ve ever created, observed and protected will end. The greatest empires, particles, poems and loves will all end one day, one way or another.

At least that is the proposition.

Contributors ranging from poets and musicians through to scientists and architects respond to this idea and reflect on the nature of the temporary. Collectively they have produced a fitting way to mark the last Freerange journal, which started in 2006 – with images and writing on beginnings and endings.

Featuring writing by: James Dann, Elizabeth Heritage, Ellen Andersen, Open Spatial Workshop’s Scott Mitchell, Terri Bird & Bianca Chester, Emma Johnson, Tom Rivard, Kim Anderson, Charlotte Forrester, Nicola Gaston, Karin Warnaar, and Chris O’Connor. Poems by: Julia Tarnawsky, Linda Collins, Maia McDonald, Visual work by: Julie Reason, Caroline Robertson, John Baker, and Emil McAvoy.

Edited by Chief Egg Barnaby Bennett.

Designed by Cameron Ralston

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