Freerange Vol.1: The Self and the City

Freerange is the published workings of a large and diverse group of people aiming to create some critical reflections on our respective places in the world. ‘This process will take place over a dozen editions which will evolve and develop ovcr the coming months and years. We start with a theme that tackles subjects both the large and personal. The Self and the City,  two uncompromising and seemingly  incomprehensibly complex issues.

The city, in all its glorious forms, has now become the dominant form of human habitation, and the ‘self’ as progressively redefined in the 20th Century has become the fundamental instrument for measuring human consciousness. It is often quoted that 2007 marked first time in human history that more humans lived in urban conditions than elsewhere. Our current abilities of comprehension characterised by divisions of knowledge into discrete disciplines, is unable to grasp the awesome complexity of the city and its explosive mix of contradictory human desires and needs. To even discuss the concept of the city is problematic as it implies a set accepted of definitions or ideas that apply to all humans in urban conditions.

  • Freerange issue #1 contains NEW writings about the city:
  • The Hungry City by Tigilau Saili,
  • Indigenous Urban Realities by Ripeka Walker,
  • Urbino by Rajarshi Sahai,
  • Nesting in the City by Dale Fincham,
  • Vanity and Urbanity by Felicity Morris,
  • Home, Space and Virtuality by Sally Ogle,
  • Dialogue on Street Theatre by Noel Meek,
  • Follow your Heart by Mark Kingsley,
  • and old writing with pretty Koolages by Rem Koolhaas.

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