Freerange Journal is an ongoing series of publications focusing on issues of design, pirates, politics, eggs, and contemporary wisdom. In the increasingly urban, highly populated and ever-complex planet we exist upon, this project attempts to create an open space for a broad and wide ranging discourse. Freerange journal is currently producing its 12th and final issue.

The making and production of this journal over 10 years had included over a hundred participants from some 30 countries with disciplines as varied as: graphic designers, photographers, mathematicians, architects, puppeteers, logicians, former students, doctors, planners, scientists, journalists, dancers, lawyers, teachers and musicians.

Access the journals below or you can download a free pdf of the each of them from our free download page.

Freerange Vol.1: The Self and the City

Freerange Vol.2: Gardening and Violence

Freerange Vol.3: The Trickster

Freerange Vol.4: Almost Home

Freerange Vol.5: Dangerous & Wrong 

Freerange Vol.6: Untitled

Freerange Vol.7: The Commons

Freerange Vol.8: Humanimal 3.0

Freerange Vol.9: The Wet Issue

Freerange Vol.10: Feminism and Technology Wor(l)ds

Freerange Vol.11: Institutional love

Freerange Vol.12: Everything is temporary