Congress Book



This is the first attempt to document a history of the Student Architecture Congress that has run between 1963ish till today in New Zealand, Australia and PNG. This book is the hurried result of research gathered over the last few weeks (and in a way the last few years and decades), which sets out to remind students who are attending Flux, in Adelaide in 2011, that student-led Congress has a long and marvellously incohesive (and sometimes incoherent) history in Australasia. It dates back – at least we think – to 1963, when some New Zealand students invited Aldo van Eyck to Auckland to talk about the Social Aspects of New Housing. An organised mass gathering of architecture students has happened somewhere around New Zealand or Australia at least thirty times since.This modest and messy booklet is the start of a larger project to more coherently collect and productively reflect on the residue of Congress in Australasia. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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