Greased up muscle men smash through walls!

I just came across this frankly bizarre video that made me feel like it was suddenly time for a either a nap, or a big glass of cactus.

From what I can gather, the story goes like this:

I’m a Japanese (of course) body builder (which goes without saying) racing across town with my five buff buddies (and a…what? what is that? A… somehow sexy lady polar bear?), smashing through walls, running over taxis and ultimately attempting to shut down/pile upon a shifty grid iron player who has stolen my protein powder.


So, it’s actually a downloadable game for the wii, called Muscle March. Here’s the site, which is well worth a look, even if it is totally in Japanese and all you can do is, like me, randomly click around and squeal with glee.  For some reason there’s a wombat on the page. It’s like they’ve been reading my diary!