I was in Samoa recently chatting to someone about my favourite architects that actually build stuff and decided to write a list of my top ten. Given that I’ve studied architecture for a number of years that is really to scary to write down I was quite surprised how hard this list was to write. I don’t know if this means that my memory really is appalling or whether architects are just a bit shit at their jobs. Anyway without any doubt here’s ten that definately are not shit… in no particular order.

1. Geoffery Bawa (Sri Lanka)
2. Gerald Melling (NZ)
3. Peter Rich (South Africa)
4. Donovan Hill (Brisbane)
5. Laurie Baker (India)
6. Herzog de Meuron (Swiss)
7. Sumangala Jayatillaka (Sri Lanka)
8. John Scott (NZ)
9. Paulo Solari (America)
10. I guess I have to put Gaudi in there.

I’d be very interested to know what other people think.

ps. I’m well aware that there are no women on this list which is a devastating comment on something.  I’m not sure if its my tastes, the architecture profession, the media, the institutions…