To Butterfly Brains

The rediscovered poem and accompanying images from David Greene, 2004.

To butterfly brains

Keep your brain like an
Exposed nerve he said
To dreamers and slackers
To workers for the beauty
Of ideas
To prisoners in the
Revolving door between
The room called doubt and
The one named belief
To the slaves who work for
The small triumphs of
You can roll a piece of
Steel any length
To those who prefer the
Parking lot to hypersurface
To those who think a
Traffic jam is a temporary

To the cybernetic park
To those who love the
Crystal before the palace
To those who see the park
As a paradise for learners
Dreaming in the city
Stuffed with objects and
We can dedicate
This park to the birds and
The laptop
To the invisible
Data networks of the modern sky as we smell
The roses
To the imagination of the
Flowers and to the
New blue-tooth cell-phone
Event life into the

David Greene, 2004