A (to the motherf*cking)K 47s

“Nothing in the world -organic or synthetic, methal or chemical- has produced more deaths than the AK47. It has killed more than the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, more than HIV, more htan the bubonic plague, more than malaria, more than all the attacks by Islamic fundamentalists, more than the total of all the earthquakes that have shaken the globe.  An exponential amount of human flesh, impossible to even imagine.

To calculate the state of human rights, the analysts consider the price of the AK47.  The less it costs, the more human rights violations there are, an indication that civil rights are gangrening and the social structure is falling to pieces. In Western Africa, an AK 47 can cost as little as $50. And in Yemen it is possible  to find second or third hand weapons for as low as six dollars.  The Cammora (Napolease Mafioso) in handling a large slice of the international arms market, could actually set the price of AK47s, thus becoming the indirect arbiter of the state of human rights in the West.”