New Brighton Creative Quarter

Over the Summer break, I was Temporary Curator at the Creative Quarter in New Brighton. The Creative Quarter often referred to as “the cQ” is inside the heart of New Brighton mall – 101 Brighton Mall. Check it out on

With the help of many volunteers the space was created. Housing a 10m2 office/workshop/anything room, a stage, seating, sail, sandpit, running track, display board, artists and a range of artwork. The 10m2 workshop also utilising the suns power with solar power. We are even able to run film nights in the space with only solar power!!

What an awesome space it is. With the help of Sue Davidson’s Mural Madness, many artists came into the space transforming the space into an outside gallery.

Check out mural madness on the web:

Check out two artists from the project: Marie Ockleford and Michael Springer

Coming into the position with fresh ideas I was keen to collect the community organisations together, the groups renewing the Sumner, Addington and Lyttelton Community, as together we can share ideas and resources.

The Sumner Community produced these awesome bumper stickers originally free to residents are now available for a gold coin in the Sumner village.  I’m keen to see Renew Brighton and the Creative Quarter to follow suit with a bumper sticker, to connect the community.

Previously living in Sumner, it’s great to see “SumnerRocks” on cars all around the city – I’m always wondering if I know them from my time playing rugby or squash.

We have showed many films at cQ like WhaleRider thanks to South Pacific Pictures.

What films are suited to the outside? Are there any particular films that must be watched outside?

Maybe Horror films are easier to watch outside, I can run away this way.

Gapfiller have organised some amazing outdoor films on architecture, being passionate about architecture it was great to see the small Christchurch architecture crowd in attendance.

How would you manage a temporary space in Christchurch?

We have had Dallas Matoe working inside the cQ, a talented woodcarver. Running workshops to the public on traditional Maori woodcarving techniques.

In the future I’d like to see a map detailing the wonderful things happening in New Brighton, a gig guide etc. If you’re keen to help promote the space get in touch with Renew Brighton and cQ on and

They are looking at putting on a night market in the future.

New Brighton has so many opportunites !!

Christchurch has so many opportunities.

But you know that, you’re reading …

cQ Landscape

How do we harness trust?


1. To let someone in your lives.

2. To give information

3. To be vulnerable.

Without trust where will we be?

Living in Christchurch I have observed many businesses operating from home.

I love this!

PhotoMan, Tadakki Kusaka formerly photographing tourists outside the Cathedral in Cathedral Square, Christchurch – Now on 233 Waimairi Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: +64274374113 OPEN 7 DAYS


These people having their flag, their business card hang high. The many signs on the streets of Christchurch: – Haircuts – Architectural Design – Fashion Design – Passport Photos A complete range of signs, some hand painted; really connecting the sign to that person, that business. I’m thinking small business not big business, thinking local business in my neighbourhood and not 30 minutes away in the city centre. I’m also thinking I’ll support thy neighbour and perhaps they will support me – Community!

1) Plants for sale in my neighbourhood Beckenham, Christchurch 2) Architects Stuart Manning’s Studio above a garage beside his house in Somerfield, Christchurch


I interviewed a range of businesses earlier in the year; Stuart Manning Architects, the PhotoMan, and Briar Cook from Rethreads Clothing Label. I presented the information at the recent SHAC Conference in May 2012 – . Asking the audience whether we should have a network of skills in our neighbourhood? The overwhelming answer was yes.

I ask Briar Cook from Rethreads, What is it like working from home? Briar Responds, “People are beginning to know I’m here. It’s just easier as time goes on.”


Since the earthquake I have been overwhelmed by trust. Attending an art exhibition from a home two houses down from me. I went inside.

A displaced Gallery now selling artwork from their home, open to the public. Let’s support art from innovative spaces, let’s support emerging artists. Another link: I was wowed by the fact ‘High St Galleries’ were in my backyard – a gallery two doors down. And the trust this family had to let strangers through their house to view art. Viewing art amongst the kitchen and lounge – in its true state of place perhaps. This innovative space, people drinking wine and eating cheese like a fine art gallery, though in a home -these elements trans-placed to the home.

How do we harness this trust?