WARNING for Aucklanders

Dear Aucklanders

Here at freerange we are concerned with things urban, designy and political. So the current changes to the governance of the greater Auckland region are of great concern.  As residence of this region I hope you are actively taking note of the corporate takeover that is happening to your fine city.  While Wellingtonian’s are wrestling to avoid another mayorally induced embarrassment, and the citizens of Melbourne are protesting about threats to their god given right to party loud and late, the young residents of Auckland seem asleep while billions of dollars of rate payed assets are been quietly shuffled over to corporate governance.

If there’s ever been a time to get angry and start protesting, this is it.  75% of Aucklanders hard earned resources, thats the water, the roads, council run facilities are about to be handed over to corporate styled entities that have no democratic control whatsoever.  Consider that for a moment, all the billions of wealth and future planning of it will be run by government appointed boards of directors with no oversight from Auckland Councilors or Mayors.   This is been pushed by a party that received 3.75% of the vote last election, the same folks that sold Telecom, sold the Railways and sold BNZ.   Add to this the fact that the current National governments promise not to sell any assets finishes in about 15 months,  these new entities will already be packaged and ready to sell by then.  Over half of the rate payers annual income will be given to these new entities and will have no responsibility to the citizens of Auckland. Whats going on with this process is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT, and only some significant protest and disapproval from the people of auckland is going to slow them down.  So Aucklanders, time to sit up straight, take heed, and get stuck into this one.

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