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hola comrades,

On March 13, there will be a worldwide launch of the ‘Objects Without Property‘ project, a fundraiser to make it possible for others to make things happen during their residency at PAF (=PerformingArtsForum).

PAF is located in a ginormous ex-convent school (since apocolyptic cult dwelling then german inhabited then aspiring ice hockey museum) now artists’ residence in a small village in northern France.

This is a truly magical place. Forget about quaint French village. Other than the cherry trees, wild poppies and the fact that the village consists of little more than two bakeries and a fete hall, there is nothing quaint about this place at all. It’s a wild rumpus where anything can happen. Where there is only one rule: “The doer decides.” Check it out, go there, make things happen.

I was there for a couple of months last year, making a short stop motion film and taking photographs of 6,000 different objects in the building on the side,  then categorising these under such criteria as “Promiscuous Objects” or “Objects that Look Scary in the Dark” or “Objects that Never Forget.” This meant I pretty much checked out every nook and cranny of the place. 3 storeys, 60 some odd rooms, not to mention the sheds, the chapel, the gardens. (Click on the following link if you’re interested in more stories about happenings at PAF)

ANYWAY. These photos were for a project to fund PAF renovations by allowing people to sponsor any object in the building for other people to use. Other than the fact that it is of course crucial to have beds and towels and knives and forks in a place that functions like a huge huge house with sometimes 30 or more people living in it at a time, I found it equally crucial to the PAF magic to be able to come across that random rotten nun’s shoe in the attic or to make use of that awkward rolling desk thing for filming our hallway sequences. Even to find the apocolyptic cult’s financial records to fuel our imaginations.

The website is finally up and ready with 10,000 objects for you to sponsor, ranging from 7-15 euros/year to make this place possible for others if not for yourself. Check it out. You can browse by category or roll the die. I donated my bicycle, it’s categorised under “Objects that Never Give Up” because it has 3 gears, back pedal brakes and weighs at least a ton, and I rode it to France from Denmark without giving in to all the people along the way who tried to convince me to trade it in for something more practical.

There will soon be announcement of worldwide simultaneous launch parties so check back if you are interested in finding out about one near you.

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  1. this is the best!

    Reminds me of a much more tactile and sensorial opportunity for clans like ‘digital nomads’ (those who partake in ‘extreme telecommuting’ flying from job to job around the world picking up IT and Online contracts, and who are particularly interested in minimising physical objects that they ‘own’ (and therefore have to account for financially/practically by mass/weight/cost/location..)

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