Copenhagen, how disappointing…

I won’t go on about what didn’t happen at the summit, it’s easy enough to find the details elsewhere. I’m just so disappointed to see yet another example of an absence of leadership in our world today. What is it going to take for our presidents and prime ministers to take a risk and make change to protect our environment? We won’t survive without it. Though I suppose if we don’t then at least the economy will charge on and on… won’t it? Goodness knows that economic growth is the most important thing.

My question is this: How and why has economic growth become the benchmark for every decision regarding climate change? I suppose it’s an addiction of sorts. What gets me is that the whole concept of economic growth seems entirely arbitrary, fictional almost. Every State has become trapped in it’s snowballing cycle, we have to keep growing because every other country is growing. To find balance would be to slip backwards.

The stakes are getting higher and higher, we are gambling our very earth. And I feel powerless to do anything.

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  1. You are not powerless – everything you do has potential.

    In this case I think the need for a World parliament is obvious and pressing. No collection of national or state governments can solve this; it needs some proportional representation on a global scale.

    In the mean time we need to, somehow, influence the American people to take this challenge on. It is their senate blocking things.



  2. I’ve had the feeling that there was more going behind this than it appeared. International leaders don’t do these sorts of gatherings very often. And they don’t like looking like powerless failures. So something odd has happened behind the scenes. If this guardian article is accurate is appears that the Chinese government has cynically pulled the rug from under everyone, knowing the blame would be put on Obama and the rich club. China knows their use of coal is quickly making them a global mega-power and they obviously aren’t prepared to threaten this. Scary times:

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