Its hotting up!

With the critical Copenhagen meeting coming up soon the debate about global warming and the appropriate response is finally reaching the intensity it deserves.  In New Z, the current Minister for the Environment is leading the government to a very mild commitment of 15% and appallingly this is been sold to the population based on incorrrect and misleading data.  This tactic shows either a remarkable willingness to deceive the public, or a embarrasing lack of understanding of what is probably the most important issue of our lifetimes.A fantastic analysis by Keith Ng of Public Address of this can be found at:  Public Address

Over at the Guardian, George Manbiot has taken aim at one of the commonly cited complaints from Climate Change deniers that they are being censored. “One of the allegations made repeatedly by climate change deniers is that they are being censored. There’s just one problem with this claim: they have yet to produce a single valid example. On the other hand, there are hundreds of examples of direct attempts to censor climate scientists.

Read the Guardian Article here.

I’m still dismayed by the popular response to the dangers coming our way.  We were more than willing to fight for Civil rights, Womens liberations, end to wars, and even saving the whales…

Why now when the biggest danger we have known is staring us in the face we are unable to muster a good strong response? Is it because there is no easy enemy apart from ourselves?

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