Car Free Vauban

I’m glad to see that there are some town planners in this world who have the balls to try something new. In Germany a new suburban development has been built free from cars and Vauban’s residents say that they are all the happier for it. 70% of the 5500 people who live in Vauban don’t own a car, they ride bikes and catch trams.

Living in Melbourne I’ve been happily noticing that more and more I have to search for a place to park my bike because there are so many other bikes parked up around the place, that must mean there are more people riding. Yet at the same time the Victorian State Government wants to rezone much of the green belt surrounding the city so that it can be developed into housing. This will mean that Melbourne will spread across 120km, a city of 4 million people who take up more space than New York or London. And those who choose to live on the outskirts will have no option but to drive because increased public transport is not yet part of the plan. How short sighted and embarrassing, oh the suburban dream – a house in legoland and 90 minute commute.

Go Vauban!

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  1. Indeed the roadside sign-poles and other vertical or looped ‘solid’ looking bits of metal to tie your bike too are definitely becoming competitive objects of desire… I think bike-park buildings would be a great project, there are plenty in Copenhagen…even underground basement types that have accrued genuine creepy-basement concrete piss smells.

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