Hopefully a monsoon cleaning, and not an ethnic cleansing.

I will post more soon, and in some depth about my thoughts on what is happening in Sri Lanka at the moment.  For now I am on the east coast in the beautiful but often violent town of Baticoloa.  We drove through around 20 military and police points yestersday to make it to an amazing Grand Opera performed by the local kids from the Butterfly Peace Garden here. The poem below is from a Ben Okri book  called Mental Fighting lent to me by Sam the landscape architect who is designing the new garden when it moves later this year, it is about humanity’s opportunities at the turn of the millinium but could just as easily be about the small sliver of hope that exists in Sri Lanka at the moment.

Everyone loves a spring cleaning.
Let’s have a humanity cleaning.
Open up history’s chamber of horrors
And clear out the skeletons behind the mirrors,
Put our breeding nightmares to flight
Transform our monsters with our light.
Clear out the stables
In our celebrated fables
A giant cleaning
Is no mean undertaking.
A cleaning of pogroms and fears
Of genocide and tears
Of torture and slavery
Hatred and brutality.
Let’s turn around and face them
Let’s turn around and face them
The bullies that our pasts have become
Let’s turn around and face them
Let’s make this clearing out moment
A legendary material atonement.

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