CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Freerange_II: Gardening and Violence

I am happy to invite you all to read the primer for FreerangeII and offer ideas and suggestions for the upcoming zine.  FreerangeII will be themed Gardening and Violence!   (We are limiting the size of this issue to a tidy 48 pages pages)

freerange-2.pdf   by Cheif Egg Bennett and Lt. Tania Maddog Sawicki 

Please  add points of conversation, ideas or suggestions below or email to

(I’m imagining writings about things like WWII Victory Gardens, Guerilla Gardening, Cuba’s Urban Agriculture)

ps. Freerange_III will most likely be themed “The importance of Design“. So feel free to put your thinking caps on about that one too!  

2 Replies to “CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Freerange_II: Gardening and Violence”

  1. Nice work captain B, a very current topic of which is slowly taking a strong hold in the urban stretches of the world (see link)–080818
    The more this can happen and the more we utilise urban spaces for production, water harvesting flora and fauna habitat creation – the better off we’ll all be.

    Think working systems, and integration at every possible opportunity.

  2. you should check out apiaries (bee hives for honey) in new york.
    search google. . . its pretty amazing, aparently the best honey comes from the pollen of an invasive (read exoctic) plant).

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