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Shifting Foundations: Post-quake Architecture of ?tautahi Christchurch

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Foreword Bernadette Muir
Featuring essays by Matthew Webby, Dr Jessica Halliday, Charlotte Hoare, Debbie Tikao & Huia Reriti, Yuqi Kong, Jasper van der Lingen, Daniel Crooks, Colin Corsbie & Fritha Powell

Following the 2010-11 earthquakes and their aftermath, Christchurch’s built fabric was irrevocably changed and the history of its architecture disrupted. Familiar landmarks vanished, whole swathes of the city were red-zoned, heritage buildings were demolished and a sense of dislocation prevailed. The ongoing rebuild of the city was to follow.

This book documents the architecture that arose from this time – from schools, libraries and commercial buildings to public realm design. With eight essays narrating the post-quake progression from immediate response through to the subsequent architectural contributions, and 80 concise catalogue entries sharing the story of select buildings and their role in the rebuild, we explore what our architecture can tell us about ourselves and the place we live in. Richly illustrated throughout, Shifting Foundations captures the journey towards a more meaningful melding of people and place, enabled by architecture.

Parenting in the Anthropocene

Featuring Emily Writes, Brannavan Gnanalingam, Dr David Galler and more

Humans are changing the world in extremely complex ways, creating a new geological age called the Anthropocene. How do we – as parents, caregivers and as a society – raise our children and dependents in this new world?

This multi-author book explores ways to ensure the health and wellbeing of the next generations, with a view to encouraging inclusivity and critical discourse at a time of climate crisis, inequality and polarisation. From tikanga M?ori and collective care in child-rearing through to new family forms, futures literacy, and shifting economic paradigms and societal structures, Parenting in the Anthropocene is a reflection of both the world we live in and the one we aspire to.

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Sharing the mic: Community access Radio in Aotearoa New Zealand

By Brian Pauling & Bronwyn Beatty

From Invercargill to Auckland, community access radio has been broadcasting by, for and about New Zealanders across four decades. Within a rapidly shifting mediascape, the twelve current stations came into existence through a combination of passion, hard work, community engagement and enabling legislation, allowing the diversity of local communities to speak to themselves through the borderless realm of radio.

Using extensive interviews and in-depth research, Sharing the Mic tells the stories of the volunteers, staff and managers at the heart of access broadcasting and places the history of Aotearoa’s access radio within the wider media and technological changes of the last 40 years.

This is also the story of the changing voices of an increasingly diverse country and the way that access broadcasting has become a vital part of New Zealand’s media. From being a welcoming presence to new arrivals through to multi-language Civil Defence communications, access radio continues to support generations of New Zealanders.

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Second print run of Te Mahi Oneone Hua Parakore: A Maori Soil Sovereignty and Wellbeing Handbook now available

In te ao Maori , soil is taonga. it holds ancestral connections and is the root of turangawaewae and whakapapa. It is the source of shelter, kai and manaakitanga.

Te Mahi Oneone Hua Parakore: A Maori Soil Sovereignty and Wellbeing Handbook shines a light on Maori relationships with soil, as well as the connections between soil and food security, and frames these links within the wider discourse of tino rangatiratanga from a variety of Maori perspectives. Through a range of essays, profiles and recipes, it seeks to promote wellbeing and elevate the mana of the soil by drawing on the hua parakore Maori organics framework as a means for understanding these wide-ranging, diverse and interwoven relationships with soil.

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In recent times, public knowledge and our relationship to it has shifted significantly under the impact of vast quantities of information accessible through multiple channels ? and quantity does not necessarily equate to quality. From the rise of digital media and fake news to attack politics and nationalism, it has never been clearer that what we know, how we know it and what we do with that knowledge impacts our democracy. Public Knowledge brings together a range of writers who explore the state of public knowledge and implications for our democracy.

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